Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Behind on Blogging

I'm going to apologize right now for the delay in blogging.  My June was such a busy month.  With School ending and getting my kids ready to go camping with their grandparents, there really wasn't much time for anything else.   Sorry everyone for that.  But I'm here to share with you some news. 

I had mentioned on my last video that I had made some sketches and I was trying to figure out how to get it onto a computer file somewhere.  After playing around with a couple of different programs, I finally settled into Photoshop and got the sketch done.  I will put the picture below if you would like to download it. 

And here is the layout I made based on the sketch.
Below is a process video for the page that I made. 

Thanks for watching.


  1. Hi Lisa, I think we all get caught up in things we have to do, leaving no time for things we want to do, now and again ... so no need to apologise. Great sketch and your scrap page is lovely. Elizabeth xx

    1. thanks Elizabeth. I'm not stressed out about it anymore. I'm still behind and busy but I'm just living day to day and I figure that the it will all work out in the end.