Sunday, March 10, 2013

5th and Frolic Heritage layout Prep

I have been busy trying to get some old photos into some albums.  I'm so worried that they are going to get ruined just sitting in a box. I would much rather have them in an album to look at, at this point.  So my process to get these pictures into albums is using a "Project Life" concept.  Although it isn't a completely Project life approach, I'm pretty happy with how it's starting to look.  Certain pages will look like the project life template.  But the other pages might either be an 8 1/2 x 11 to fit some memorabilia in, or it might be an actual 12 x 12 layout.  I am starting to really like how the album is looking.  Even though you would think that the different page styles wouldn't go together, they really do. 

With that being said, as I'm starting to put the pictures into the page protectors, I will pull out a few pictures that I feel need to be put onto a 12 x 12 page.  Some pages just need that special look.  In this case, I had some pictures of my grandmother when she was very young.  (I already made a layout of her wedding photo, and I wanted this one to go beside it and have kind of the same feel.)    I pulled some products from the 5th and Frolic collection from Dear Lizzy.  Some of these patterns have such a nostalgia look to them, I couldn't pass them by. 

Below I attached a video showing some of the products that I pulled to make this layout.  I always pull a lot of product, so don't think for a minute that I used all of it.  Could you imagine how full the page would be if I did....LOL. If you have any questions about some of the products, just leave a comment below and I'll be glad to help.  Stay tuned for the process video....coming soon to a YouTube near you.

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