Saturday, July 20, 2013

SSD Letters: Our Journey to the Cactus

In today's episode of Saturday Stash Dive, I show you how to make a layout using letters as a mask to create an interesting Title.  There is a sketch for this layout and I have the sketch below.
I have used this sketch so many times and I would say that it is my go to sketch.  It's very easy to adapt to either a portrait or landscape photo.  And it also gives you a lot of options as to where to put your journaling or even your title.

The picture is about how my sister and I had never seen a cactus in the wild (if you call if the wild.)  So when we were on our road trip down to the Hoover Dam we stopped off at a lake and we saw one.  We just had to get our picture taken.  I know it sounds crazy but we have never been any desert type place to see a cactus, so it was very interesting to see one close up.  There are very different than what I had pictured.
I used a lot of my older type stash up from stamps to stickers.  It was a lot of fun to dive into them to make the layout a fun and playful piece.

Here is the finished layout and the process video is below.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions.
Process Video:

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