Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Joy

I know I keep saying that it's been a while since I last posted a blog.  It's funny how time is gone so quickly.  Last year we were so busy with hockey and swimming that I never had the time to scrapbook.  I also had health issues last year that prevented me from going downstairs to my scrapbooking room.  (I was also just too tired to even want to.) 

Then we move on to this year and both of my kids have decided not to pursue their sport activities.  In a way, I was sad that I wouldn't be able to see my friends at the rink or the pool, but also happy because I could focus on my recovery and I would be able to get back into the swing on scrapbooking.  Boy, I was sadly mistaken on this part.

Since the beginning of September our weekends have been full of other activities.  We built a new fence and started a new deck (phase 3 will be finished next year.)  We finished my daughter's new bedroom in the basement (thanks to Ikea.)  This was all in the months of September and October. 

For the month of November, our whole family was focused on hunting season.  I know what you all are thinking.....those poor defenseless deer.  Well, we are not trophy hunters, we use this meat to help feed our family over the winter months.  It is also an excellent way for us to spend family time together.  To me there is no better way for me to get to know my kids and husband better that being in a secluded area for 5-6 hours.  The funny conversation, the enlightening events, and the joy on their faces of getting that deer.

As soon as hunting was over, it was time to focus on my crafting projects for Christmas.  I have so many on the go and the list seems to be getting longer and there are less and less days till Christmas.  I don't want to say what the projects are, as I don't want any of the recipients to find out what they are.

There has also been the Christmas shopping and the Christmas baking.  I'm not sure which I love more.  It has been so long since I baked and after starting some of the Christmas baking last week, I started to finally feel like I'm getting into the Christmas spirit.  Last weekend was Pumpkin Bars, Peppermint Nanimo Bars and Lemon Cupcakes.  Thanks to all the help from my kids and my husband for helping.  It was a blast having them in the kitchen to help. 

So here is what I'm hoping will happen in the new year.  I'm hoping to have all of the pictures of the projects that I made for family members.  I would also like to start getting back into my weekly or even semi-monthly blog postings.  I have never done one before, but I would like to do a Ustream video.  I have so many albums I have to finish that I would be a great way to incorporate sketches, techniques, and ideas into the pages. 

I hope you are all as excited as I am to start 2012.  See you in the new year.

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