Monday, March 18, 2013

What can your silhouette do?

Ok so I'm not a cake decorator. Nor am I the greatest baker. But I have tried my hand at a different decorating technique today. It is my husband's birthday today, so for his cake (lemon) I iced it with lemon cream cheese icing. But I didnt want to make more icing to pipe out the "happy birthday". Here comes the silhouette to the rescue.

I chose a stencil font for the letters and just made sure it would fit across the cake. I cut it out of normal cardstock. (I used a scrap piece.). Then I put some food coloring in a spray container I got at the dollar store. I added some water and a little sugar just to give the food coloring something to hold on to. I placed the "mask" down and sprayed.

It isn't a very pretty cake. But I think the end result was ok. (Better than a plain cake.). Besides the cake was pretty good.

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