Monday, May 27, 2013

50 Projects Challenge

At the end of April, I joined the 50 Projects Facebook group.  This group was set up by Tiffany Wagner O'Grady.  The premiss behind the group is to create 50 projects before you buy any more supplies.  I found this group from Nicole Jones (nicolejones911 on YouTube.)  She had always mentioned that she was always buying products but never really using them.  I could totally relate.  I was a scrapbook shopper addict and I needed help.  I feel like this group was like my Alcoholics Annonymous although it isn't annonymous on the group.  In fact the total opposite.  They are so wonderful and always commenting on the layouts posted.  There is so much positivity and support that it's a refreshing change. 

I was so excited when Two Peas in a Bucket started their series of videos called Scrap Your Stash.  I figured this would fall right in line to helping me use up some of my supplies.  But I was sadly dissapointed when I saw them using brand new products.  I was hoping I would see them using up buttons or washi or maybe even patterened paper.  Everybody has an abundace of this and it would be nice to see videos on it.  So I've decided I'm going to start my own series of "Scrap Your Stash" with my own twist.  Every Saturday will be "Saturday Stash Dive" where we will dive into some of our massive collections of stickers, buttons, brads, washi, etc.  and use them in a different way to get them used up.  I'm not sure if it will be videos or if it will just be blog posts, but watch here for more information.

I thought It would be fun for me to post the first 25 (plus one) pictures of my projects.  You will see them below.  They are in no particular order.

#1.  Faces - NSD challenge
#2 At the Palace - NSD challenge

3. Baby Cecily - NSD Challenge

4.  Smile Love - NSD Challenge

5.  What Will Happen Next - NSD Challenge

6.  no title - NSD challenge

7.  Love You Card - NSD challenge

8.  Hi There Card - NSD Challenge

9.  Hello Card - NSD challenge

10.  Photo Bomb - SC April kit

11 - 12. early years album grad page 1 and 2

13. Manitoba Home Sweet Home - SC May Kit

14.  May Your Ship Always Sail You Home - Anchor Challenge with Ohsnapgonzo (youtube)

15.  Smile - NSD challenge
16. Not Quite Best Friends Yet - SC April Kit
17 - 18  Project Life week 16 part 1 and 2
19. Cory and the Show Girls
20 - 21. Project Life Week 16 page 1 and 2

22. Birthday Wishes - NSD Challenge
23. Who is MaggieMylow - MercyTiara YouTube Challenge
24 - 25.  Early Years Album page 1 and 2

26. Sunflower Card
 I hope you will come back and see how I finished up with the last 24 projects.



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