Friday, May 31, 2013

Guest Scrapper on The O'Banion's Blog

I am so excited.  I was asked last Friday if I would be a Guest Scrapper on Amanda's Blog.  I was so thrilled when she asked me.  One, because I've never been asked to do anything like this before.  Two, I have only every really scrapooked for myself and was very humbled when she asked me to do this guest spot.  It's not that I don't think I'm a good scrapbooker, I just don't think I'm in the same caliber as some other scrapbookers.  Like I said, I do it for myself.  If I'm making a page, I'm making it pretty for me.  Maybe that's why I'm so particular on some of my pages.  I have litterally picked up an item and moved it over 1/8 of an inch.  That's just rediculous. 

Amanda asked me a series of questions, great questions, that I was to answer.  Let me tell you, it was very interesting putting my scrapbooking style and theory down on paper (on screen, I guess.)  I never really thought about why I did things, I just did it.  But now that I put it all down on paper, it made more sense as to why I was doing my layouts the way I have been.  I just did 2 layouts after I had sent her my answers back, and all of a sudden my "scrapbooking theory" was ringing in my head.  I was starting to put my picture on the paper and I was saying  in my head, "Ya, that's why I put that picture there."  It was very interesting.  I was like an outsider looking in for the first time. 

So, in hind sight, it was such an amazing experience to get all of my thought process down and theory for doing this the way that I do.  Thank you again Amanda for the opportunity and I hope that we can do more of these in the future together.

Here is the link to the post:

The O'Banion's Guest Scrapper 002

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